La'Vintage Tribe 2012

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La'Vintage Tribe was founded in 2012 by Tianna Jenkins. Growing up Tianna was inspired by Raven Symone,and her T.V. show "Thats so raven". At the age of 13 she had dreams of designing things of my own. Tianna, followed through with that dream, and now could finally say she love’s Fashion with a bundle of passion.  A few years ago Tianna had formed a Graphic T-Shirt line with 3 business partners, but due to confusions it didn't go as planned. Her accessory line La'Vintage Tribe is inspired by Aztec & inspirational ideas of my own. She started off with promoting my designs on face-book & twitter to having tons of publicity, interviews, and love all over the world. Recently, Tianna designed some eye-wear, and Signature W.S. Rings for pop star Willow Smith and also has touched base with "interscope's recording  pop Artist Rye-Rye . Tianna is on the verge and continuing to moving forward in her journey to success.

Je Suis C.O.O.L. Clothing 2012

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COOL was started by Ian Shaw, CEO of the company and Nuwo Johnson. The brand name came about because the two felt there was a void that needed to be filled for the creative people. The creators felt like there was a misrepresentation & interpretation of the meaning of the word cool. People were playing the part, but not necessarily were they cool individuals. The two recognizing that cool people are typically the ones that create the style and trends they decided to represent this through their clothing line. Ian came up with the name COOL. COOL is an acronym which stands for "Creative Outlook On Life". COOL is a clothing company which purpose is to re-define the essence of cool through creativity, intellect, and style. As a fashion brand they are re-defining the word cool to mean something more than just looking the part, but to mean one is creative and unique while carrying themselves with class, and intellect.

New Regime Clothing 2012

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New Regime is brand co-founded by Setiz Taheri and Freddy Lloyd in December 2008. The brand emerges from Montreal which is where NR got its diverse influences. After a few collections as a hired graphic designer Koku Awuye also became part owner of the company. The goal of the brand has been to grow, expand and evolve and it plans on continuing to do so by delivering bigger, better and fresher clothes. TWO HAMMERS!!

BucketFeet 2013

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BucketFeet was founded when two creative, travel-obsessed young men met while volunteering in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In that meeting, Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein felt the power that art had to positively connect people of all walks of life.  Thus, BucketFeet was created with a mission to share this impact.

BucketFeet aims to find a new, emerging artist to design each pair of shoes.  The artists get the exposure they deserve and receive both up-front payment AND a portion of the profits from every pair sold.

K1x Shorty 2012

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k1x 2012

K1X Shorty can be called the "little sister" of K1X. K1X was started in 1993 in Munich, Germany and is now one of the big names in basketball and streetwear, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Ron Artest and Charles Oakley are just two big names that should be mentioned when it comes to collaborations!

In 2009 it was about time to think about the ladies! That's when "K1X Shorty" came to life. The Shorty line is inspired by dancing and the urban hip hop lifestyle. We always try to combine comfort with style, that's why the collections are versatile to wear, for hanging out with friends, dancing or even as a club outfit! Blazin colors, unique cuts and fun designs are the perfect mixture for sexy streetwear for young women.

1: Face Watch

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The watch has a thick silicone band that comes in six different colors, each representing its own cause. The mirrored face of the watch displays the time in bright white LEDs at the push of a button. When the button is not pressed the display is a full-face square mirror screen with a minimalistic design that compliments any outfit.

The metrics will set concrete benchmarks, which will be shown to consumers once they are accomplished. Through 1:Face's social media you will be able to see people getting fed, wells being built, AIDS being fought, and research being done. In essence, the public will see the change that their money is creating.

Face Watch brand was founded on the principle that the power of consumers can be used to benefit the world.  This watch ahs the power to feed a child, quench a thirst, find a cure and much more.  Each watch is paired with a particular cause, metric, and charity.

A fashion accessory with a humanitarian heart.  Social responsibility is becoming the banner under which consumers unite.  The modern consumer not only wants to purchase a product that benefits them, they want to purchase a product that benefits others as well.