Pop Sensation Marga Lane

Pop Sensation Marga Lane
A true triple threat, Marga Lane is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Upon graduating from the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her career as a performing artist and songwriter. Marga Lane has turned her focus from writing for other artists, to writing for herself. Most recently, she released her first EP entitled, Expressions, which is available on iTunes. Previously, she has released music videos for her singles, "Rebound" and “Believe.”
Marga Lane has played in support of singer/songwriter, Ron Pope in Los Angeles at The Roxy and Columbia recording artists, Valencia in Boston at Northeastern University. Other venues in Los Angeles include, The Sayers Club, Foundation Room – House of Blues, R&B Live, The Lowes Hotel, Café Entourage, The Hotel Café, Room 5, The Athena Lounge, and Molly Malones. She has performed in a multitude of capacities ranging from musical theater productions to smaller, more intimate venues, such as the Bitter End in New York City and FAB Restaurant in Mt. Kisco, NY.
Marga Lane has also performed the national anthem for many Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association teams, including the Washington Wizards, the New Orleans Hornets, and the Kansas City Royals. During her college years, Marga Lane played with her band at venues such as the famed CGBG’s and Kenny’s Castaways in New York City, All Asia, and Copperfields Bar in Boston, and twice as part of the Berklee College of Music Pop/Rock Live Showcase at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston.
Marga Lane is proving she is as versatile and as distinctive as they come. Marga Lane’s smooth style and her wealth of musicality make her such a fine artist. She is an extremely driven, self-motivated individual, and continues to grow with each song and performance. Marga Lane is proving that she can, and will have her voice heard in headphones and stages all around the world.

Location: Los Angeles by way of New York

Contact: Website | Facebook | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marga LaneUrban Steez: Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?

My name is Marga Lane and I rep the 914/845 area codes. Originally from Brooklyn, but I grew up in a town called Carmel about an hour north of Manhattan.

Urban Steez: How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?

Marga: I started playing piano when I was 6. My mom actually got me into music. She started me with piano lessons and then I quickly became interested in singing, acting, and dance. As the years went on I picked up the guitar, flute, and drums.

Urban Steez: Wow, that’s wassup! How would you describe your style and best attribute as an artist?

Marga: I would say I’m very versatile. Someone once told me that if Adele, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna had a baby it would be me. I thought that was a pretty interesting yet cool way to describe my style both musically and artistically.

Urban Steez: That’s a hell of a compliment, a weird one, but a good one to say the least. Tell us your greatest experience thus far as a music artist and why?

Marga: I have had a few great experiences thus far, but I would have to say the recording process for my EP was such an awesome and amazingly creative experience. I got to spend hours in the studio working with so many of my talented friends. There were so many epic moments.

Urban Steez: What is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?

Marga: As an independent artist one of my biggest challenges is getting the opportunities to have my voice heard. There is a lot of new music and talent (both good and not so good) that sometimes, new artists get lost in the mix.  You just have to keep pushing though.

Urban Steez: Yea, with so much music circulating, no matter how talented you are its hard to stand out. Who would you like to collaborate with in the music industry and why?

Marga: I have a long list of people, but my top 5 would be Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, J. Cole, and Beyonce.

Urban Steez: I can see that happening. So how do you feel you rank against top music talents today? And why?

Marga: I feel like I could hold my own next to some of today’s top musical talents. I’m a trained vocalist, dancer, and play multiple instruments fluently. I’ve spent many years honing my skills on stage and in lessons. Also, my music is written straight from my heart. It’s me. It’s my truth and I’m so lucky to posses this God-given talent to be able to express myself in creative ways that are relatable to so many people around the world.

Urban Steez: I Agree. So, what are you working on now, and when can fans expect to hear more from you?

Marga: I just released my EP, “Expressions” this past summer so I’ve been mostly promoting that and playing shows around the LA area. I’m looking to tour a few more states. I have also been writing a lot of new material, so I think I will be releasing some new music in the upcoming months. I also teamed up with my friend who owns a clothing line and we have some fresh and exciting things coming for y’all soon!

Urban Steez: Dope EP by the way. Can you give readers one tip about pursuing their dreams?

Marga: Stay focused and be the best version of YOU! Passion is everything. Don’t worry about or get sidetracked with other people’s successes and failures. We can all be at fault for doing that at one point or another, but if you really have a dream and you want your version of success, keep going and trust in what you believe. 

Urban Steez: Good Stuff… So what do you want to accomplish as an artist overall?

Marga: I want to tour the world and make timeless music. I’d love to win a Grammy or two, start my clothing line, and play a role on Broadway. But really, I just want to continue making music that people can relate to in one way or the other.

Urban Steez: I can dig it. If music never existed, what do you think you would be doing?

Marga: I would totally be a CIA agent. lol  

Urban Steez: Hahaha CIA agent huh! Tell us your influences and inspirations?

Marga: MJ of course! I got to see him live at Madison Square Garden back in 2001 and there is no other entertainer quite like him.  Other influences include, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Beyonce, and pretty much anything Motown. I also find inspiration in musical theater.

Urban Steez: What do you think of the “POP” music world right now?

Marga: I think a lot of the “mainstream” pop songs all sound the same, but I think if you dig deeper there are some really dope pop artists emerging and making really good music.

Urban Steez: Totally Agree with you on that, artist need to dig a little deeper. What quote do you feel best represents you?

Marga: Two of my absolute favorites…

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” – Victor Hugo

“Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” – Erica Jong

Urban Steez: Dope. Who do you have playing in your sound system right now?

Marga: The new Drake, Big Sean, Bruno Mars, J.Cole, Ariana Grande, Sara Bareilles, and Lorde -  (The Love Club EP).

Urban Steez: Tell us something most people would not know about you?

Marga: I like to look at cupcakes and cakes on instagram. Lol I know I’m weird, but some of those cupcake/cake designs are pure art.

Urban Steez: Lol CUPCAKE’S!! Interesting… I just like to eat cupcakes, am I weird for that lol j/k. How can business heads and fans contact you in the future (myspace, email, number, etc.)?

Marga: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is my email and for For bookings/interviews, please contact my PR/Booking manager, Natalie-Jean Schiavone, Ph.D. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Follow me @margalane

Or shoot me a facebook message www.facebook.com/margalane 

Urban Steez: Any shot outs?

Marga: Shout out to my family, friends, and to all of my fans.  Also, all of the blogs and websites that have shown me love and last but certainly not least, all the people that helped make recording/releasing my EP possible. I love you all.

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