Soul Sensation Ivan Ellis

Soul Sensation Ivan Ellis
Ivan Ellis is a Chicago-based singer, actor, and entertainer. Currently, he has a principle role on FOX’s hit series Empire. Ivan has had much success as an actor securing roles on national television series, such as Empire and Chicago PD. He has also earned principle roles in numerous stage plays and played the lead in the movie “You & Me”. As a vocalist, Ivan has shared the stage with various notable artists such as Brandy, Raheem DaVaughn, Lil Kim, LeToya Luckett and Syleena Johnson. He is gearing up to release his first EP this spring with the first single scheduled for release in March.

Location: Chicago

Contacts: Website | Soundcloud 

Ivan EllisUrban Steez: Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?

Ivan Ellis born and raised in the CHI, Englewood to be more specific.

Urban Steez: How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?

Ivan: I have been singing since I was 7 years old. It has always been my passion

Urban Steez: How would you describe your style and best attribute as an artist?

Ivan: I like to refer to my style as Pop/Soul. My best attribute as an artist is my vocal tone and range.

Urban Steez: Speaking about vocal tone, you did your thing on the song for you cover.Tell us your greatest experience thus far as a music artist and why?

Ivan: My best experience thus far was meeting and introducing myself to Clive Davis at Jennifer Hudson’s “Walk of Fame” ceremony. I felt like I was on the right path.

Urban Steez: What is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?

Ivan: I think the biggest challenge is being expected to choose between acting and singing. I plan to be successful doing both, but I am constantly asked to choose.

Urban Steez: If you have the talent and the work ethic to do both, why not. Who would you like to collaborate with in the music industry and why?

Ivan: This is easy; Jhene Aiko! She is the dopest artist out right now! Her writing is top notch and I love her word play.

Urban Steez: She is dope, she’s like a Sade mixed with Aliyah hybrid. So how do you feel you rank against top music talents today? And why?

Ivan: I can definitely compete. There is no doubt in my mind that my music will rank in the Top 40.

Urban Steez: I agree… What are you working on now, and when can fans expect to hear more from you?

Ivan: I am working on my single which will lead to my ep release in the fall. I am very excited about this ep because I have been getting so much attention for my acting that it is important for me to remind people that I am also a dope singer.

Urban Steez: I hope we are among the first to get that project. Give readers one tip about pursuing their dreams?

Ivan: One tip that was recently given to me that I would like to share with every artist is to define your brand or others will define it for you. Also, if entertainment is your passion, never ever give up.

Urban Steez: I likes…What do you want to accomplish as an artist overall?

Ivan: I will earn a Grammy, an Oscar and a SAG award

Urban Steez: If music never existed, what do you think you would be doing?

Ivan: Is that even possible? Music is the root of our culture. I cannot even imagine it not existing. If I have to give an answer, I would be acting if I wasn’t singing.

Urban Steez: Fortunately it’s not possible, a scary thought to say the least. Tell us your influences and inspirations?Ivan Ellis

Ivan: Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Sam Cook, Jennifer Hudson, Jhene Aiko and Brian McKnight. All great great singers.

Urban Steez: That’s a nice roster of influences and inspirations. What do you think of the “R&B Soul” music world right now?

Ivan: Music is giving the people exactly what they need right now. Our generation has access to all kinds of music regardless if it is in rotation on the radio or not due to technology. This gives people the right to choose what they want to listen to and gives artists the freedom to be expressive, regardless of the level of their success.

Urban Steez: 100% agree. What quote do you feel best represents you?

Ivan: Stay Focused. It’s that simple.

Urban Steez: Who do you have playing in your sound system right now?

Ivan: I am currently listening to Ivan Ellis, Jhene Aiko, Chris Brown and many YouTube channels.

Urban Steez: Tell us something most people would not know about you?

Ivan: Most people do not know that I have 12 years of professional martial arts training

Urban Steez: I’m assuming a black belt, well damn. How can business heads and fans contact you in the future (myspace, email, number, etc.)?

Ivan: For bookings and business inquires please contact my manager Jay Jones of Dreamer Management at 773-426-2882. The Fans can find me online at, IvanEllis1 on IG/TW and IvanEllisSings on TW

Urban Steez: Finally, Any shot outs?

Ivan: There are so many people to credit when it comes to my success, but on the day to day basis my family and my management team are in the trenches with me. Shout out to my mom, dad, brothers, sister, and grandparents. Major shout out to my management team at Dreamer Management: Jay, Jazzy, Auntea, Diante; they put in the work for the brand. 

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