C.I.T.Y. Chronicles - Clinton Era (Produced By Yinfluence)

C.I.T.Y. Chronicles - Clinton Era (Produced By Yinfluence)

When hearing the phrase "Clinton Era," what comes to mind? According to C.I.T.Y. "the Clinton era was one of the most influential periods of our [those raised in the 90's] lives. Be it the shows we watched or the music we listened to, there was just something about that era that made our generation more unique...we see life in a different perspective." The new single, produced by none other than Yinfluence, has more of a relaxed vibe. It gives a sort of open dialogue into the minds of this misunderstood generation. C.I.T.Y. sums up this generation's mental cycle as - young and reckless. Lyrically you'll find a sense of reality as reflected in the chorus, "I'm old enough to know better, but I'm too young to give a fuck." Along with this new single is a side of C.I.T.Y. that is new to his fans and followers. His vocal delivery is a little more melodic and restrained. However, the propulsive percussion heard throughout the track is a perfect complement to his rapid flow; ideal for those that like a little "knock" in the trunk. Overall this track is hot and is definitely worth a listen. 

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